The fast and secure blockchain solution to onboard contractors


The FXB token will be an ERC-20 token that fuels the Fluxible blockchain platform and is critical utility for our users to ensure their Fluxible Contractor Passport is kept up to date with their background checks and work history.

The Fluxible token rewards and incentivises contractors for each check that is completed, promoting good behaviors and data quality. Contractors can also be rewarded with tokens for the successful referral of other contractors and companies that sign up and use the platform.

Tokens can be paid for or put towards staying up to date on Fluxible and on a range of support services and products in the Fluxible Marketplace. There is a whole ecosystem of services and products that are reliant on the industry. These include things such as; accounting, legal, insurance, qualifications and training.

As the platform grows and global adoption to crypto increases, we will facilitate contractor payments using our token and smart contracts, allowing workers to be onboarded immediately from anywhere in the world and be remunerated instantly.

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