The simple way to verify work history

Verify the work history of any person, from any company. No email, calls or complex admin needed!


Make hiring faster

Get your new workers started in no time with simple, fast and 100% compliant work history verification checks from Fluxible.


Smart compliance automation

We do the legwork and automate the frustrating admin involved in work history verification. No clunky software downloads or training needed!


Give your HR team a break

Fluxible is built to reduce back and forth email and calls and make your HR teams lives much easier and more productive.


How it works


Simply fill in the details of the person and the work history you would like to verify and that’s it! We make sure it reaches the right person at each company to authorise and you receive 100% compliant completed checks quickly.


If you have to verify work history for your ex-workers just re-direct any requests to Fluxible and you can manage and complete checks with a couple of clicks instead of responding to emails or filling out forms.

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Tired of verifying work history over the phone
and in your email?