About us


About us


Employment references have always been a pain, for everyone

Organisations have been stuck in an endless cycle of chasing reference requests from one another for such a long time. With the same references being requested and issued all over again every time someone changes jobs.

Workers can’t start until the references have been completed - causing big issues for the new employer. And the former employer is having to react and spend time on someone who doesn’t even work for them anymore. At Fluxible, we don’t think it should be that difficult…

Instead of employment references being verified over email or on the phone, it’s now done in one place and only ever has to be done once - with all requests and information securely transmitted.

Our team is made up of HR and technology professionals, all of whom have faced the problems caused by the old way of verifying employment references. We’ve been the ones chasing and giving out references multiple times and also, been unable to start new contracts until checks have been completed.


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