A Brief History of Employment References – Past, Present and Future Fluxible

In the early days of employment references, a worker was given a sealed letter from their employer to keep and pass on to their next employer. A wax seal and signature were happily accepted to prove the documents authenticity. And the worker kept this reference for life, passing it on to employers as they went from job to job. The ex-employer never had to be bothered with providing references every time the worker changed jobs.

Over the years this tradition continued, with company stamps and letter-headed office stationery replacing the wax seal. Workers would happily keep these in a file and take the file from job to job adding the reference letter to their folder as they went.

With the dawn of modern technologies such as the colour printer, copiers and yes, even Tippex, it became easy to tamper with these documents. To combat this, employers took it upon themselves to begin the very cumbersome activity of manually calling and checking these worker’s references by calling, emailing and even writing to the worker’s past employers. This tradition has continued even with the dawn of the digital age.

However, with the looming GDPR responsibilities, companies don’t want to be passing out personal details over the phone, having them stored in email or sitting around on fax machines.

And that’s where Fluxible comes in…

Fluxible is the future of providing and checking employment references. By using digital signatures to prove authenticity, and cryptography to ensure the documents can’t be tampered with, Fluxible brings trust back to a trust-less world. Fluxible returns us to the simplicity of a one-time reference for life, and benefits everyone in the chain.

  • Ex-employers can provide workers with a one-time employment reference for life, meaning they are never bugged by requests for references for years after a resource leaves.
  • Hiring companies can verify references for new workers by simply entering some of their personal details into the Fluxible search engine, removing all the hassle of email, and countless phone calls to track down a reference.
  • Workers are safe in knowing that, even if a previous employer goes out of business, their employment references are available 24/7 365 days of the year.

The best thing is, it’s faster, easier and considerably cheaper to use Fluxible than to do this all on your own!

So stop living in the past, contact Fluxible today for more information on how we can speed up your on-boarding and off-boarding processes.

Frazer Halliday, Chief Innovator