Employment references: A real frustration for recruiters

The phone rings and you think it might be that client calling you back, or the perfect candidate responding to the job advert you just posted but it’s neither… It’s another recruitment agency or company looking for a reference on a former temp worker/contractor you placed ages ago.

For a recruiter within a larger company, you might have the luxury of passing this call/email onto your HR/candidate care department who will deal with it but for most, you have to fulfil the request yourself, search your database, find the details and respond to the requester. It may only take you 15 minutes each time but it’s 15 minutes less time spent on what’s important, increasing your billings.

Or there’s the recruiter on the other end of that phone call… They’ve just had the thumbs up from their client that they want the candidate to start but they want background checks doing and need some if not all of their employment references checking. The recruiter starts ringing around and firing emails frantically to get their candidate started ASAP.

Both scenarios are a complete pain in the backside and there is currently no silver bullet to automate the whole process, but there is now a way to make it much easier.

Enter Fluxible… We take verified employment reference data and secure it on our search engine so that employment references can be obtained instantly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Now, recruiters don’t need to spend time responding to reference requests and when needing a reference, they only have to run a quick online search to obtain what they need to get their candidate started immediately.

The result? A much more efficient process, happier recruiters and a better experience for the candidate who can get to working and start earning without delay.

We’re excited to be launching in the new year and still have some huge incentives available for early adopters. If you’d like to find out more please get in touch or book a demo here.

Callum Blair