Introducing Fluxible

Fluxible – The employer reference search engine.

Providing an employment reference is best practice for almost every company when an employee leaves on to pastures new. However, in some regulated industries such as financial services, it is a company’s legal obligation to provide an employer reference for ex-employee for up to 6 years.

Employment references nowadays consist only of factual data usually name, dates of employment and job title and sometimes the reason for leaving can be included.

Providing or requesting an employer reference has always been a manual and time heavy task that requires input from both a new employer and the previous employer(s).

The new employer has to contact the previous employer(s) and they have to find and provide the record.

This current process presents two issues:

  1. The new employer has to directly contact the previous employer(s) to request the information and has to wait for them to provide which, in a lot of cases can cause delays in the on-boarding process of a new employee, particularly when it comes to regulated industries.
  2. The previous employer(s) HR teams have to fulfill reference requests that are out of their control, which requires time and resources.

At Fluxible, we believe this should be much easier and that’s why we’ve created the employer reference search engine. A secure online platform that enables companies to search and provide references, without having to contact one another.

Our technology enables companies to provide and receive a one time verified employer reference that is instant, compliant, secure and perpetual.

Our solution not only saves time and resources within HR but also provides important and valuable insight and analytics into new and ex-employees.

“We’re really excited to be bringing the employment reference search engine to the market. On-boarding and off-boarding employees, particularly in regulated industries, causes considerable delays and business interruptions.

Whilst we know there are so many other contributing factors that affect this issue, such as background checks including right to work, criminal records checks etc. This is our first step in our mission to provide verified employment data for the world’s workforce and make it easily accessible.

We started Fluxible because we had experienced, first hand the plethora of issues in involved in the recruitment process and although we’ve slightly deviated from our initial plans, we’re confident in our value proposition to the market and have a great team to deliver it.”

Bill Blair, Co-founder & CEO.